Ready, Set, Build!

An innovative new experience for San Diego Zoo visitors is in the making. The complete redesign of the Children's Zoo offers a fresh opportunity to intrigue and delight guests of all ages.

This exciting new space will include up-close encounters with animals, hands-on learning opportunities, and immersive technologies.

Conservation happens one person, and one animal encounter, at a time. By supporting the new Children's Zoo, you will inspire future generations to protect our incredible planet and all its amazing species


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Explore Diverse Environments

The new Children's Zoo will highlight four distinct environments: Desert Dunes, Wild Woods, Rain Forest, and Marsh Meadows. Each area will incorporate play and learning opportunities for young guests.

Explore the
New Children's Zoo

  • Caring about nature and wildlife is a legacy we want to pass along to the next generation. That's why kids are so often at the center of everything we do—they're the future caretakers of our planet, and inspiring them to care about it is critical to our mission.

  • Carefully designed, hands-on opportunities for adventure and education will encourage creativity, confidence, patience, collaboration, and optimism—all essential skills for future conservationists.

  • We hope to teach our young visitors about compassion, understanding, and respect. Connecting with nature early in life ignites a passion for wildlife and wild places, and when children are inspired by plants and animals, they are more likely to protect them.

  • The new Children's Zoo will help young visitors appreciate wildlife and wild places like never before. By providing one-of-a-kind experiences and unique learning moments, we will help create lasting memories that will inspire them to carry on our mission.

You Can Inspire Future
Wildlife Lovers
Thanks to friends like you, the new Denny Sanford Children's Zoo will inspire millions of children for years to come. Let this be your legacy.
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