Plants in Bloom

Plant bloom times can vary depending on conditions. Results show plants that normally bloom at the time of year indicated.

Dombeya: Red Ball or Strawberry Snowball Tree - Late winter to early spring
Coral Tree (Erythrina): Brazilian Coral - Late winter to early spring
Cup-of-gold Vine, Chalice Vine - February thru April
Clivia or African Lily - Mid-winter thru spring
Powder Puff: Brazilian or Trinidad Flame Bush - February thru Fall
Wild Lilac - Spring
Ocotillo: Ocotillo and Adam's Tree or Mexican Ocotillo - Spring
Pride of Madeira - Spring
Flame Tree, Australian Flame Tree - Spring
Poppy: California Poppy - Spring
Coral Tree (Erythrina): Cockspur Coral - Spring
Rockrose - Spring
Epiphyllum: Jungle or Orchid Cactus - Spring
Apache Plume - Spring
Cactus: Beaver-tail Cactus - Spring
Cactus: Hedgehog Cactus - Spring
African Pear Tree - Spring
Jacaranda - Late spring
Iceplant: Hottentot Fig - year-round, peak in late spring-early summer
Magnolia: Lily Magnolia - Spring thru summer
Bauhinia (Orchid Tree): Cow's Hoof Tree - Spring thru summer
Iceplant - spring and summer
Magnolia: Southern Magnolia - May thru September
Buckwheat: California Buckwheat - May-October
Jimson Weed - Spring thru Fall
Geranium: Carpet Geranium - Spring thru Fall
Coral Tree (Erythrina) - Spring to Winter
Cape Honeysuckle - Spring to Winter
Coral Tree (Erythrina): Common Coral Tree - October to May
Aloe: Aloe Vera - Winter
Aloe: Van Balen's Aloe - Winter
Aloe: Flat-flowered Aloe - Winter
Aloe: Dawe's Aloe - Winter
Aloe: Krantz, Tree, or Candelabra Aloe - Winter
Aloe: Bottlebrush Aloe - Winter
Aloe: Candelabra Aloe - Winter
Jade Plant, Dollar Plant, Cauliflower Ears - November to April
Aloe: Aloe Tree - Winter
Flame Vine, Flame Flower, Golden Shower - Fall and early Winter
Copperleaf Shrub - Fall and early Winter
Bauhinia (Orchid Tree): Hong Kong Orchid - Fall and early Winter
Palm: Dwarf Sugar Palm - June
Aloe: Wooly or Hairy Aloe - Late spring to early summer
Curry Leaf Tree - Late spring to early summer
Cape Chestnut - Spring-Summer
Chinese Fringe Tree - June & July
Buckeye: Indian Horsechestnut - June & July
Flaxleaf Paperbark or Snow in Summer Tree - July
Cottonwood: Fremont Cottonwood, Western Cottonwood - Summer
Lavender cotton - Spring thru summer
Pepper Tree - Summer
New Zealand Christmas Tree or Pohutukawa - Summer
Ginger: True Ginger - Summer
Ginger: Shell Ginger - Summer
Sumac: African Sumac - June-Sept.
Coral Tree (Erythrina): Natal or Dwarf Coral Tree - July-Sept.
Hauya - mid-summer
Dragon Fruit, Night-blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Pitahaya - August or September
Floss Silk Tree, Pink Wink - September
Palm: King Palm - Fall
Fig (Ficus): Banyan Tree, or Bengal or Indian Fig - Autumn
Firewheel Tree - Fall